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FFXI in Real Life: Part 9 “Chocobo Kegger”

FFXI in Real Life: Part 9 “Chocobo Kegger”

June 22nd, 2009     

This one is a simple one I never really thought about before. I was talking about the Sky gods with an LS mate. Then he brought up Kirin beer which is one of the popular brands here in Japan. There is a picture of Kirin as part of the label so I decided to pick up a small can to show everyone.


Kinda looks like a hairy horse that caught on fire.

Anyhoo, they sell cans of beer in a bunch of different sizes. Since I usually don’t drink beer, I went with the smallest can. Maybe I’ll make chili this week and toss it in there. The small can is pretty small though. I can’t imagine somebody who actually wanted to drink beer buying such a small can.


It is the perfect size for a chocobo kegger party though. ^^;


Calling all artists?

Calling all artists?

June 21st, 2009     

Coding for my new blog theme is coming along. However, just having a plain little design isn’t what I’m looking for. If it was, I would have just used some free theme out there.

I need somebody who can make some images for me. There would be about 5 or 6 images I think. A couple small images, a couple matching backgrounds. I’m thinking a little chibi art too. I’m willing to pay a little bit but honestly, I can’t pay much. SO! If you are an artist and want a little more exposure, lemme know. Send me an idea of what your artwork normally looks like (a link to a site where your stuff is posted, etc). ^^b I can code simple stuff but I have the artistic skills of a cucumber.

Btw, the theme name is ChocoboLady. lol :)

DNC 54

WOOOOOOO I worked on leveling a bunch. A good part of that was FoV solo with some LS FoV and a normal party mixed in. The regular party was tonight, mixed group. One of the few times I saw a Japanese player really try hard to use English during the entire party. ^^ I should have added them to my friends list….. ah well. Only 20ish more levels and I can wear all that cute gear waiting for me in my Mog House.

Byakko again… and again

We keep doing Byakko runs. Almost everyone in the LS has his pants now. I passed on them for now because I don’t have any jobs that can use them and don’t plan on leveling any jobs that can use them either. I might end up with a pair anyways, we’ll see. We have a bunch of pop sets now though so there is talk we might try to go after Kirin soon. oooooooooo

Btw, the word “kirin” in Japanese means giraffe. I was disappointed when I first heard that Kirin was not shaped like a giraffe. Speaking of which, I learned something recently that will make for another FFXI in Real Life. It’s been awhile since I’ve done one of those.

hmmmm…. 3 + 1 + 1 this week

4 low level assaults. For most of the remaining areas I’m less than 5000 points away from getting gear. ^^b Also did 1 higher level assault with a pickup group. Due to the number of tickets people can use on Thursday nights, we are starting to do a couple runs on Saturday or Sunday as well. Yay! I love assault. I wish it wasn’t so limited by the tickets. ; ;

quests and stuff

Lost Chick chocobo quest. I just wanted to finish that for once. Also finished doing the cutscenes for the mission after Divine Might. lots of running around.

Goals for the Week
DNC 56

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Personal Update

Personal Update

June 16th, 2009     

I am determined to update normally this week!

DNC 51

Inching up little by little. Most of this level was done with FoV out in the desert. I’m actually only about 2k from 52 as well. It’s pretty easy and it is nice to be able to do it at my own pace. I would kill a few mobs, clean a little, kill a few more, do some laundry, etc. The exp is slow but its better than not having the option at all. I’d really like to get in a party for a bit though. Too much FoV and my dagger skills get behind.

Dynamis – Bastok

It feels like it has been a long time since we’ve done Bastok. Not a lot of people. I like the pace better when there are fewer people though. A fair amount of AF dropped. I think maybe 3 or 4 PLD head pieces. No SCH pants. /sniffle

Key hunting

My friend met up with me in Sky and we went key hunting. I got the map for the main garden area. We didn’t have any luck finding the box for one of the inside maps though. We did run into an NM that reminds me of the dragon thingy in the tunnel where it chases you around. Died to that but…. that was kind of fun in and of itself. We were trying to get away and ran into a closed/locked door. Someday we will get revenge! After getting my main map, we went around to various warp points and doors and I marked them on my map for the future. lessthanthree

20,000 points in Perquia
2 low level assaults

I think we are all pros at these low level assaults now because we are just breezing right through them. I remember how the extermination one used to give us so much trouble. Anyhoo, we finished up 2 more low level assaults which allowed the two new people in our LS to rank up. After that, somebody was out of tickets so we ended up doing MMM as an LS. I also finally have over 20,000 points in one of the Assault Areas! WOOOOOOOO Too bad Perquia doesn’t seem to have anything really great or useful for me. I think I’m getting closer to 20,000 in one of the other areas too.

Blogging stuff

Baby chocobos are super cute. The next chocobo stage is also very cute. I wish they would stay small forever! I keep stuffing ImpulseRuby full of carrots and taking him on walks. I’m still sad he is going to be a yellow chocobo. After all, I named him Ruby thinking he’d be red! Oh well. I haven’t ever completed the Lost chocobo chick quest so maybe I’ll do that today.

As for blogging in general, last time I mentioned that I am going to move my blog to its own home. I thought about the different offers I’ve been given and hosting options. I think I have made my decision on where to host it. The name issue is still there. I’ve recieved a few ideas so far. One of them made me laugh. Because I have so many chocobos. The name is really growing on me but at the same time, it makes me sound like an old lady that has chocobos instead of cats. I still wanna get married some day! /sniffles

(When I checked, the domain name was free. It also gave suggestions for other domains like /snicker)

I’ve even thought about using an old domain name I used to own but… it’s completely unrelated.

While searching for stuff, I came across a nifty idea I could use. You can make a bilingual blog using the same wordpress install. If a person clicks English, they see all the posts and interface in English. If they click Japanese, all the content and interface switches to Japanese. Not sure how much I’d actually use that but the idea is pretty nifty.

There’s also the design to think about. There are things I originally wanted to do with this blog and the design but I couldn’t find anything close enough that I could edit easily. I have an idea in my head but I lack the skills to put it together myself. /sigh

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Change is on the wind

Change is on the wind

June 10th, 2009     

I really wanted to get back on schedule with my updating but…. it just doesn’t seem like that is going to happen.

I think I’m drained. Not burnt-out but definitely drained.

FF14 aka Rapture aka the game with the place that nobody can pronounce. Eorzea. eh-oh-ru-zay-ah if you try sounding out the Japanese version. However, many places in FF11 have pronunciations that don’t seem to be clear from either the English or Japanese. I think one of the things they should add to the official site is one of the staff pronouncing the various important words. I’d also like to know the official English version name for Haiderin (hi-day-ree-n). Watch it be something like Hydlin.
(continue reading…)

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FFXIV… I think Rapture is a better name

FFXIV… I think Rapture is a better name

June 3rd, 2009     

So, I woke up early to check the news on Rapture, now officially named Final Fantasy XI-2 Final Fantasy XIV.

An updated version of FFXI would make me buy a PS3. FFXIV at this point really looks like an updated version of FFXI. Sure, the story may be different. However, it looks like I can still be a Mithra, I can still be a White Mage, and I can still play around with Chocobos. I’ll probably be buying a PS3 this year.

I’m hoping I can win one. (heh…heh… yeah… I’m not that lucky -_-;) Lawson’s has a point card and you can use those points to enter monthly contests, donate to charity, get free food, etc. I traded a bunch of my points in for 4 entries into the PS3 drawing. *hopehopehope*

I was looking at some of the stuff people were writing and it got me thinking about the platforms. PS2 is considered to be holding FFXI back. (I was happy to hear that PS2 got some loving at E3.) FFXIV will be on PS3 and PC. Most likely Windows and most likely Windows Vista or 7.

Over half of the people in our JPB Players Survey said they play on XP. How many people will be willing to pay to upgrade their Windows in order to play FFXIV? How many would play on PS3 instead of making the upgrade? I’m very curious now. I think that’d make a good question for our next Players Survey.

Btw, our next survey will most likely be in December/January so we can do it at the same time as Michael’s Site this year.

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Survey = Fun Birthday Present

Survey = Fun Birthday Present

June 1st, 2009     


Yes, I am that crazy person who takes pictures of stuffed animals in odd places.

USJ was a blast. Definitely not “non-English” friendly since understanding what they are saying helps for the shows and attractions. We got to see all the things we had wanted to see. I think 1.5 days would be the perfect amount of time at USJ. We lucked out a lot though. Thanks to Swine Flu (most likely) the lines were very short most of the time, not even 15 mins sometimes. We got to do Spiderman and Jurassic Park twice. Jurassic Park was so much fun. I love water rides. That drop is sooooooooooooooooooo steep. Big T-rex at the end isn’t very scary though. You can see it well before it triggers and starts to growl. Spiderman made me scream a lot.

So, yeah, I had a great birthday.

But that’s not all! I got all the stuff together and posted the survey results late Friday. That means most people saw them on the 30th for me and we got a record number of hits and visitors! WOOOOOO I’m glad so many people came back to check out the survey. Some of the results and comparisons are already up on Michael’s Site. He worked fast! In the future, it’d be nice to time our surveys at the same time. ^^

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Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake

May 29th, 2009     


I mentioned in the last episode of JPB Radio that my birthday is tomorrow. The challenge will be finding birthday cake. I’m going to Universal Studios Japan tomorrow despite the whole Shingata Influenza (aka Swine Flu) outbreak in that region. Honestly though, it really has died down quite a bit and I think I’ll be fine. I heard USJ is relatively empty because of the threat. I hope so! No lines are the best kind of lines.

I’ve never been to USJ before so I’m really looking forward to it. Got a good deal on the hotel, using birthday discount tickets, and even the train tickets are way cheaper than normal. ^^b

This week in FFXI news:

Xarcabard run. It is a scary scary place and it doesn’t drop much. I want my SCH relic. Still don’t have a single piece. ; ;

First day in Sky!! I joined a Sky LS this week.

Going to rank up for Assault too as soon as I finish the quest.

And that’s pretty much it….. any other extra time this week has been eaten up by working on the survey stuff. It is finally ready to go! I asked Elmer to write up some of his thoughts too and once that’s done, everyone will get able to see it. I’m so excited to have everybody look at the results.

P.S. TTTO bloggers! Chances are good if you write something about the survey in your blog, it’ll get mentioned in the next JPB Radio episode if you tell me about it. ;) heehee

Now I really got to get back to packing!

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May 23rd, 2009     

Amazon in Japan is insanely fast. I ordered new RAM for ChocoboBob yesterday afternoon and paid for it around noon. A couple hours later the payment was confirmed. Later in the evening I got an email saying it was going to be delivered within the next few days. The package ended up coming today this afternoon. All together, barely a day passed and that was with free shipping. Being a small country does have its advantages.

I didn’t waste anytime. Opened my case up immediately, popped in the two new chips, and booted him up. To be honest, I wanted to cry the entire time. If the new memory didn’t work, chances would be high that I’d be out of my main computer until December. The computer recognized the new memory and I ran the first batch of Dell memory tests. For some reason, it’s reading the two chips not as 2X2GB but 1X3.5GB 1X512MB. Not sure why. It passed the tests fine though. Then it goes to the next batch of system tests with more memory testing. Passed all of them.

I was encouraged but the RAM I had before also passed all the Dell tests.

Got Vista started and rebooted into the Vista Memory Diagnostic Tool. The old RAM had routinely failed these tests, sometimes immediately at test start. This time….. no problems!!

I’ve had ChocoboBob running and doing things while I work on Taiyaki and no bluescreens so far.

I think the little guy is going to be okay! /cry

Now I can get back to work on editing episode 6 of JPB.

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Offline life and Pics of the Shadow Lord

Offline life and Pics of the Shadow Lord

May 19th, 2009     

imported-photos-04168I have two laptops. Taiyaki and ChocoboBob. Taiyaki is a dying XP machine which takes years to boot up. ChocoboBob is a new Vista machine which is currently BOSD’ing randomly. It is now to the point where I can’t even boot up in Safe Mode. I’m pretty sure the issue lies with the memory but exactly what kind of problem is yet to be determined. Hardware errors are the scariest kind for me. While the machine is under warrenty, the warrenty doesn’t apply while I am overseas. When I got the machine brandnew there were sound problems so I had a tech come out to fix it while I was home. Now that I’m back in Japan, I have to make due with advice from my friends, the net, and tech support at school. If they discover that the issue is hardware related and can’t be fixed by just swapping in new DIMMs, I’m up the creek.

ChocoboBob’s death has caused me to look at Taiyaki again. While dying, it doesn’t seem to have any hardware errors after massive testing. So chances are it is software eating up the system and causing problems. Tonight I am going to backup some of the files from Taiyaki and see if I can restore the system. If it works okay after that, I can install firefox and skype which will get me through until I have 1) A working ChocoboBob or 2) a new laptop -cringe-.

P.S. If you have sent me an email and I haven’t responded to it yet, it is because I can’t check my JPB account at the moment. *sniffles*

In the meantime, I’ve done some skill leveling in FFXI, leveled DNC a bit more, and did a run in Dynamis. No drops for me but it was fun to do a run after having a few weeks off. I also bought all of my marbles for my mules and got some marbles for my Bahamut mule thanks to Fusion. I’m hoping to at least get a statue.

My brother also sent me some pictures he took of unboxing and putting together the Shadow Lord statue. (Very jealous)





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Token finally arrived!

Token finally arrived!

May 13th, 2009     


Now I too can get my Mog Satchel. /happyhappy

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