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FFXIV and me….

FFXIV and me….

August 13th, 2011     

It’s been a rough year for FFXIV. There were a lot of issues that came up during beta testing that didn’t change after official service began and, honestly, it tanked. Ever since, the game has been in recovery and rebuilding mode while remaining free to play.

I think it’s on the right track though. The new team has implemented a lot of changes, like official forums and auto-battle, which the community had been asking for. It has even lead to things like this:

There’s also a lot of cool stuff in the works like personal chocobos and specialty job classes.  If you tried it out at launch and gave up on it, you might consider checking out how it’s improved.  Of course, there is still a lot of work left to be done before it’ll go P2P.

So why am I not actively playing right now?  Well…. I had high hopes that my laptop would be sufficient to play the game.  Unfortunately, it lags a lot even when I reduce the settings and drives the fan into high gear making me worry at what point my laptop was going to die.  The hard drive also started making funny noises.  Since I use my laptop to work from home, I can’t really take chances with it.

Buying a new PC is out of the question right now so I’m waiting until the PS3 version comes out.  I prefer to play games on a console anyways.  Shouldn’t surprise anyone since I prefer playing FFXI on my PS2s versus PC as well.  I originally bought my PS3 in anticipation of FFXIV too!

I did pick up the latest Eorzea-Tsushin from Kinokuniya.   It’s full of pretty pictures and useful info on gathering (like fishing, mining, etc).  Has a few comics from people who do comics for the FFXI version too.  There is also a lengthy interview with 3 people from the development team.  Just search the official forums or even the Gamer Escape forums if you are curious about it.  I’m happy to hear about the chocobos, naturally.  The lack of info on the PS3 version is maddening though.  How many times can you really say “it’s coming along… we don’t wanna disappoint people…” and feel like that’s going to make us PS3 people feel better about the situation?

So, tl;dr version, I’m still interested in FFXIV and want to play it.  I’m just waiting until PS3 version comes out or I win the lottery.

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