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Personal Update – Been Awhile…

Personal Update – Been Awhile…

July 26th, 2009     

It’s been awhile hasn’t it? I don’t even have any new cute chocobo pics to share though I’ve been meaning to take some.

One of my assault LS mates found my blog. HI!!!! :)

DNC 59

Got up to 59 and am about 500 away from 60. I’ve been so lazy about leveling lately. Like, I search for party but my heart’s not really into it so as soon as an LS mate or a friend asks for help, I’m off doing something else. Like tonight…. oh well


Back on the 14th or so we did our first attempt at Kirin. Didn’t kill him the first time but we did the second time~~~~! Hard fight, did it with about 16 people, but it was a lot of fun. So… yeah…. I’m now done with what I wanted to do in sky. Of course I’m still going to do sky for awhile. Maybe eventually I can get some nifty gear but its not really high on my list of needs.

I am now a first lieutenant! But…. I still like half of the assaults left to do. fooey

The two new people are almost completely caught up to where our LS was before they joined. *^^* One got there tonight and the other only has one or two more assaults. *happy happy Today we did two more. I really love assault. ^^


I finished Kupo! It was great kupo! More on that another time kupo!

Website design is nearly finished. Just need the custom pics and ver 1.0 will be ready to roll. It is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo satisfying to have built the theme by hand and have it all come together. Looks ok in IE. Looks awesome in firefox. probably looks ok in something safari based too. I need to buy the domain name now. Only problem…. I keep getting cold feet before I do it. /sigh but yeah…. very very close to opening up the new domain.

speaking of which, it wont be limited to ffxi. it’ll be ffxi, ffxiv, other games i like here, life in japan, etc. not random daily life stuff completely off topic but broader than BiV. However, if you are only interested in one subset of posts, like FFXI, it will be easy to filter it for that :)

very sleepy but since i havent been very visible on any site lately, just thought i’d say hi, im not dead. just busy ; ;


2 Responses to “Personal Update – Been Awhile…”

2 Responses to “Personal Update – Been Awhile…”

  1. Hello!
    I came to play! My English is not very good.

    But, feeling fine!

    Assault on Thursday, I’m look forward.

  2. Hi hi Mojo!! Thank you for writing a comment!

    うれしい~~ heehee

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