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I like gardening too…

I like gardening too…

July 9th, 2009     

If you follow any of the major forum communities out there or even TTTO, you’ve probably heard of the latest round of bannings to hit the community. It involves people who garden.

If you haven’t seen the threads, here are a few of them:

“Square Enix, This is for you and FFXIV” on BG
“Unwarranted Bannings” on FFXIclopedia
“Banned for RMT?” on Alla

This hits close to home for me. No, I’m not banned. But I do garden. It’s my main source of steady income since I hate farming and don’t have a front line job high enough to really earn gil effectively that way. Also, I use some of the stuff to feed my chocobos. (Money grubbing chocobo who can’t even win a single race…grrr….)

RMT have been using gardening to make money for awhile and there are different bugs or tricks people think they have been using to earn gil. However, normally gardening by itself isn’t against the rules. NPC’ing the things you grow isn’t against the rules. Having lots of mules to garden isn’t against the rules either.

It’s been a few days since the first threads on this popped up but there still isn’t an official response from SE. Even if they don’t know exactly what the cause of the problem is or how widespread it is, something on the official site saying “We are looking into it” would go a long way. If they post on the forums, I’d like to see them post on the forums for all the premier sites, not just one of them.

Chances are some of the people who have been banned for doing absolutely nothing wrong will not try FFXIV because they don’t want anything more to do with SE’s customer service. SE can’t really afford to keep alienating their FFXI player base with things like this or the credit card charge back/double billing issues. This will also likely hit the MMORPG and Gaming media sites. I hope they pick up the story because that seems to be the only time we see real and quick results. It’s really sad it has to be that way.

My heart goes out to those who were banned unfairly from this and I hope to see you in Vana’diel again, but, honestly, if you quit after this, I don’t blame you either. I think if I was banned, I would really think twice about FFXIV too.

I tried searching for threads in Japanese about the topic but didn’t see anything. :/


One Response to “I like gardening too…”

One Response to “I like gardening too…”

  1. I do love them double… erm, triple… uh… multistandards. D:

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