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Personal Update: Bye Bye Dynamis

Personal Update: Bye Bye Dynamis

July 7th, 2009     

I had a lot of fun camping. :)


DNC 58
Romi 51

Getting closer and closer to 75. Actually only about 1k from 59. I’ve been doing a combination of FoV and normal parties so my dagger skill doesn’t suffer too much. When doing FoV, I also use my fellow NPC so now Romi is up to level 51! It’s a good level because when I do FoV, the enemies are on the weaker side for me but giving decent exp to Romi. I also finally got some pants for DRG!



Monday night is Dynamis night. I put on my pearl and the lsmsg told us to change to whatever level 1 job we had and meet up in Dangruf Wadi. So we did. Our fearless leader, who we all call Otosan, told us he was quitting the game and with that, the LS would be breaking up too. As our last LS event, we played a game of hide and seek in Dangruf Wadi. It was a lot of fun!! You could win even if you died as long as you weren’t found. Unfortunately…. I was the 4th person to be found. awwwww but the winners each got half a mil each! We all met up in the Chocobo Circuit afterwards and set off fireworks and had a final LS closing ceremony where the leader cashed out our LS points. I’m sad to see the LS break apart. I can’t remember exactly when I joined but it was probably around 9 or 10 months ago. I met lots of new people and made new friends and earned some gil and got some nifty gear. I still don’t have much of the SCH relic but I do have almost all of the DNC stuff.

So… my Mondays are now free for awhile. My Sky LS also meets Mondays so maybe I’ll do that on Mondays sometime but… free time is good too. I think I’m ready for more time to dedicate to other things like website stuff or leveling DNC or DRG.

To all my LS mates, thank you!! We could barely clear things when we first started out but we worked as a team and overcame a lot of stuff. ^^ Just like our LS name, we were like a little family.


My first Suzaku! I took some awesome pictures but they are on the Japanese PS2 and I can’t remember my email password to send them to my computer. ; ; I’ll have to call my brother and get him to find it for me. In a couple weeks we are going to try to do Kirin for the first time. Really, that’s all I want out of sky. Just to beat the 4 gods and beat up Kirin. Also wanna finish the missions but… that’s not part of the sky LS.

Prof. Chanoix
Troll Fugitives
Saving Private Ryaaf

This was my first week running the LS. AHHHHHHH!!!! I realized there is a lot of leading that Gaf does inside the assault too. Thankfully I used my little book as a guide, not to mention we’ve done all of these quite a few times before. I still hate that old man. Stupid professor. >.<

DNC 60

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