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Personal Update: DNC AF Complete!

Personal Update: DNC AF Complete!

June 26th, 2009     

No cute chocobo pictures today. Maybe I’ll take one of them camping with me this weekend.
Also cursing the bookstores. Why can’t they release the magazines here on the same day as the stores closer to Tokyo? ; ;

DNC 56

Got DNC to 56!! Had a good strong bird party in the past. We just walked around killing whatever we came across. I realized that DNC is slowly catching up to DRG. I haven’t touched DRG in so long because I can’t get new pants! I don’t need the new pants but…. using the same things for like… 40 levels is kind of boring.

canceled this week


My first turtle!! I always pictured the sky gods as being so much bigger. I was expecting a huge turtle but he was about half the size I thought he’d be.

1 point

Sky is really helping me get random merit points. :)

3 low level assaults

Slowly working up the ranks with our new people. Starting next week I’ll be leading the LS for a few months. ; ; I will miss our leader!! He’s always been great to me, trying to put things in English too, giving me info and opinions on random things I ask about for JPB or my blog. He’ll be back in a couple of months though! Until then, I’ll do my best.

Fellow NPC!

I finally went and picked up my Fafnir statue. Two of my LS mates also helped me get the Yagudo Glue I needed for my DNC AF so I went around today and got all the pieces. One of the reasons I leveled DNC was for the AF. And now I have them all! *happyhappy


The hearts and bow in the back are so cute. *happyhappy

Since I have all the AF, I got a new mannequin to put the other stuff on.


I wish there were wigs for mannequins.
He’s wearing all the gear I have for the relic DNC gear. I just need the body and feet. I thought I already had the feet but I don’t see them in my inventory anywhere. ; ;

And last but not least, my personal slave fellow NPC Romidant is now level 50. I gotta look into the next quest we can do together.


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