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Calling all artists?

Calling all artists?

June 21st, 2009     

Coding for my new blog theme is coming along. However, just having a plain little design isn’t what I’m looking for. If it was, I would have just used some free theme out there.

I need somebody who can make some images for me. There would be about 5 or 6 images I think. A couple small images, a couple matching backgrounds. I’m thinking a little chibi art too. I’m willing to pay a little bit but honestly, I can’t pay much. SO! If you are an artist and want a little more exposure, lemme know. Send me an idea of what your artwork normally looks like (a link to a site where your stuff is posted, etc). ^^b I can code simple stuff but I have the artistic skills of a cucumber.

Btw, the theme name is ChocoboLady. lol :)

DNC 54

WOOOOOOO I worked on leveling a bunch. A good part of that was FoV solo with some LS FoV and a normal party mixed in. The regular party was tonight, mixed group. One of the few times I saw a Japanese player really try hard to use English during the entire party. ^^ I should have added them to my friends list….. ah well. Only 20ish more levels and I can wear all that cute gear waiting for me in my Mog House.

Byakko again… and again

We keep doing Byakko runs. Almost everyone in the LS has his pants now. I passed on them for now because I don’t have any jobs that can use them and don’t plan on leveling any jobs that can use them either. I might end up with a pair anyways, we’ll see. We have a bunch of pop sets now though so there is talk we might try to go after Kirin soon. oooooooooo

Btw, the word “kirin” in Japanese means giraffe. I was disappointed when I first heard that Kirin was not shaped like a giraffe. Speaking of which, I learned something recently that will make for another FFXI in Real Life. It’s been awhile since I’ve done one of those.

hmmmm…. 3 + 1 + 1 this week

4 low level assaults. For most of the remaining areas I’m less than 5000 points away from getting gear. ^^b Also did 1 higher level assault with a pickup group. Due to the number of tickets people can use on Thursday nights, we are starting to do a couple runs on Saturday or Sunday as well. Yay! I love assault. I wish it wasn’t so limited by the tickets. ; ;

quests and stuff

Lost Chick chocobo quest. I just wanted to finish that for once. Also finished doing the cutscenes for the mission after Divine Might. lots of running around.

Goals for the Week
DNC 56


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