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Personal Update

Personal Update

June 16th, 2009     

I am determined to update normally this week!

DNC 51

Inching up little by little. Most of this level was done with FoV out in the desert. I’m actually only about 2k from 52 as well. It’s pretty easy and it is nice to be able to do it at my own pace. I would kill a few mobs, clean a little, kill a few more, do some laundry, etc. The exp is slow but its better than not having the option at all. I’d really like to get in a party for a bit though. Too much FoV and my dagger skills get behind.

Dynamis – Bastok

It feels like it has been a long time since we’ve done Bastok. Not a lot of people. I like the pace better when there are fewer people though. A fair amount of AF dropped. I think maybe 3 or 4 PLD head pieces. No SCH pants. /sniffle

Key hunting

My friend met up with me in Sky and we went key hunting. I got the map for the main garden area. We didn’t have any luck finding the box for one of the inside maps though. We did run into an NM that reminds me of the dragon thingy in the tunnel where it chases you around. Died to that but…. that was kind of fun in and of itself. We were trying to get away and ran into a closed/locked door. Someday we will get revenge! After getting my main map, we went around to various warp points and doors and I marked them on my map for the future. lessthanthree

20,000 points in Perquia
2 low level assaults

I think we are all pros at these low level assaults now because we are just breezing right through them. I remember how the extermination one used to give us so much trouble. Anyhoo, we finished up 2 more low level assaults which allowed the two new people in our LS to rank up. After that, somebody was out of tickets so we ended up doing MMM as an LS. I also finally have over 20,000 points in one of the Assault Areas! WOOOOOOOO Too bad Perquia doesn’t seem to have anything really great or useful for me. I think I’m getting closer to 20,000 in one of the other areas too.

Blogging stuff

Baby chocobos are super cute. The next chocobo stage is also very cute. I wish they would stay small forever! I keep stuffing ImpulseRuby full of carrots and taking him on walks. I’m still sad he is going to be a yellow chocobo. After all, I named him Ruby thinking he’d be red! Oh well. I haven’t ever completed the Lost chocobo chick quest so maybe I’ll do that today.

As for blogging in general, last time I mentioned that I am going to move my blog to its own home. I thought about the different offers I’ve been given and hosting options. I think I have made my decision on where to host it. The name issue is still there. I’ve recieved a few ideas so far. One of them made me laugh. Because I have so many chocobos. The name is really growing on me but at the same time, it makes me sound like an old lady that has chocobos instead of cats. I still wanna get married some day! /sniffles

(When I checked, the domain name was free. It also gave suggestions for other domains like /snicker)

I’ve even thought about using an old domain name I used to own but… it’s completely unrelated.

While searching for stuff, I came across a nifty idea I could use. You can make a bilingual blog using the same wordpress install. If a person clicks English, they see all the posts and interface in English. If they click Japanese, all the content and interface switches to Japanese. Not sure how much I’d actually use that but the idea is pretty nifty.

There’s also the design to think about. There are things I originally wanted to do with this blog and the design but I couldn’t find anything close enough that I could edit easily. I have an idea in my head but I lack the skills to put it together myself. /sigh


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