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Change is on the wind

Change is on the wind

June 10th, 2009     

I really wanted to get back on schedule with my updating but…. it just doesn’t seem like that is going to happen.

I think I’m drained. Not burnt-out but definitely drained.

FF14 aka Rapture aka the game with the place that nobody can pronounce. Eorzea. eh-oh-ru-zay-ah if you try sounding out the Japanese version. However, many places in FF11 have pronunciations that don’t seem to be clear from either the English or Japanese. I think one of the things they should add to the official site is one of the staff pronouncing the various important words. I’d also like to know the official English version name for Haiderin (hi-day-ree-n). Watch it be something like Hydlin.

With the announcement of FF14, all the teams waiting for it went into action. Zam started by hiring Elmer as their FFXIV Content Manager. It’s really good for Elmer and I’m really happy he is able to get paid to work on something he loves, but it was a pretty stressful change for me. However, we talked a lot and are continuing to make changes to adapt to this new situation. I’m not nearly as stressed out about the change as I was last week. Elmer’s really done his best to address my concerns.

One of the changes to JPB happened last night. We had talked about the twitter account. Both of us shared the JP_Button account. Since Elmer used it more, I’d just mark my comments as Cori. However, since Elmer now will be wearing a JPB hat and a Zam hat, sharing the account isn’t so practical. That isn’t the main reason really but its a good enough reason so that when Elmer suggested I finally make my own account, I agreed. You can now find me on twitter as CorinthCat. Elmer is using his real name BretMayer now. Send us twitter lovin!

Another big change has to do with my blog but it is going to take more time. Maybe even a few months. I will be putting my blog on its own domain with a new name that works for blogging about FF11 or FF14. It’ll still be about being a bilingual player. But it means switching the name from Bilingual in Vana’diel to something else. I haven’t decided what yet and that might take the most time. Fusion suggested blending in chocobos too since I love chocobos. So far nothing snazzy has popped into my head.

If you have a suggestion, let me know!

So, back to FF14. I will be helping with the Eorzeapedia project. If you are interested in Japanese translation and want to be on the translation team, toss me an email. We are also looking for people willing to work on translating into other languages as well.

So far, I honestly haven’t done much except for try to keep up with what the rest of the staff is working on. I did read the Japanese interviews but they only managed to annoy me. Did they not allow recorders in the room or something? 4gamer, Gamewatch, Dengeki(?), and Famitsu (maybe more) were all put in a room to do a group interview and they all have different responses. And not just little wording tweaks here and there but huge differences! It seems silly to try to translate one and say that was what was said because they are all so different. What was really said in that room? The world may never know….

Before the next big press release hits, I’m trying to learn more about the -pedia part. I’ve read a few tutorials about editing wikis and wiki code, etc. I’ll make an attempt to make my UserPage. I have a year plus to learn this stuff right?

So yeah…. if you are interested in FF14, you can never get involved early enough. If you are an Alla regular, please support Elmer and that project by using the forums, updating their Wikibase, etc. If you are normally a FFXIclopedia person, consider helping out at Eorzeapedia. We’re trying to be your one stop shop for FF14 with news, forums, the wiki (of course), podcasts, etc. I think they are looking for help building new templates for the wiki. And even if you aren’t really keen about supporting either site, get involved. There are a bunch of new sites popping up for FF14 each day and they will all need volunteers to be successful.

I’m really hoping they announce something at TGS.

Enough about 14.

I still haven’t been playing much recently. I login to do pre-scheduled events but otherwise I’ve been working on other things. I do have a few updates though!

SCHOLAR SOCKS! YES! FINALLY! I think it deserves caps. I finally got my first piece of SCH relic. Light-gray knee-high socks. We had a ton of drops on Monday. More than I’ve ever seen before. It was a nice change of pace compared to the last few weeks.

Sky is pretty and I’m having fun. It would probably get boring after doing it for a year or two but everything is still new to me. I have to follow people to make sure I don’t get lost. I like that we have to move around a lot. It makes it feel a lot more active than Dynamis. Also, unlike Dynamis, you can get some exp for what you kill as well. At the moment, I’m just doing it to have fun. I haven’t even checked to see what pieces I might want from Sky outside of the tiger shorts everybody wants. I got two keys yesterday so on Friday a friend is going to take me around looking for the chests to get some maps.

Also in Sky but not with the Sky LS…. my first Divine Might run! We managed to clear in our first run with lots of time to spare. I think that’s pretty nifty for a group that was mostly first timers. I now have my Suppanomimi. Yay for nifty new earrings.

I have a new baby Chocobo!! His name is ImpulseRuby and he’s already learned an ability. I’m stuffing him full of carrots. I’d like to take him on walks but…. stupid PS2 crashes when you try to do that. I should really update my PC software. Maybe I’ll do that tonight.

In other gaming news, the newest game from Level 5 is pretty awesome. It’s a puzzle game that is kind of bare bones but you can pick it up for like 10, 15 minutes and still feel like you’ve done something. I love these kinds of puzzles too. I used to do them a bunch when I was younger in TAG class. (Talented and Gifted…. a handful of us would get together with a TAG specialist and do different things to challenge our thinking, have fun, etc etc. One of the few special honors classes I actually liked.)

I saw the game previewed at TGS last year. I wonder what games they will show off this year. You can bet that as soon as I’m done checking out whatever SE wants to show I’ll be checking out Level 5.

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  1. wow you wrote a lot o.O;
    Please be sure not to hideously scar your new chocobo this time.

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