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FFXIV… I think Rapture is a better name

FFXIV… I think Rapture is a better name

June 3rd, 2009     

So, I woke up early to check the news on Rapture, now officially named Final Fantasy XI-2 Final Fantasy XIV.

An updated version of FFXI would make me buy a PS3. FFXIV at this point really looks like an updated version of FFXI. Sure, the story may be different. However, it looks like I can still be a Mithra, I can still be a White Mage, and I can still play around with Chocobos. I’ll probably be buying a PS3 this year.

I’m hoping I can win one. (heh…heh… yeah… I’m not that lucky -_-;) Lawson’s has a point card and you can use those points to enter monthly contests, donate to charity, get free food, etc. I traded a bunch of my points in for 4 entries into the PS3 drawing. *hopehopehope*

I was looking at some of the stuff people were writing and it got me thinking about the platforms. PS2 is considered to be holding FFXI back. (I was happy to hear that PS2 got some loving at E3.) FFXIV will be on PS3 and PC. Most likely Windows and most likely Windows Vista or 7.

Over half of the people in our JPB Players Survey said they play on XP. How many people will be willing to pay to upgrade their Windows in order to play FFXIV? How many would play on PS3 instead of making the upgrade? I’m very curious now. I think that’d make a good question for our next Players Survey.

Btw, our next survey will most likely be in December/January so we can do it at the same time as Michael’s Site this year.


No Responses to “FFXIV… I think Rapture is a better name”

No Responses to “FFXIV… I think Rapture is a better name”

  1. btw, whats “Lawson’s “

  2. /giggles

    it’s like a little cub version of Red XIII

  3. name of a convenience store chain

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