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Do you know where this picture was taken?

Do you know where this picture was taken?

January 29th, 2009     

So, I was wrong about my reservation coupon. It was not for 200 yen off FFCC but 200 yen off some future purchase. I put the coupon into my purse as the clerk was ringing me up and noticed she stuck something other than the game in the bag.


A mini soundtrack for FFCC! There is one track from 4 different titles in the FFCC series. The music for FFCC is composed and produced by Kumi Tanioka. She is one of the members of the Star Onions and played in the mini concert at VanaFest. For FanFest in Hollywood, she played a few piano solos.

This is so much better than 200 yen!

Inside is a note from Kumi about working on the FFCC series. They also included the typical “artist” picture next to it.


Hmmmmmm….. this picture looks oddly familiar? Do you know where it was taken?

(click the link to find out)

It was taken at Fan Festival! The staff from SE posted a bunch of pictures to the Creator’s Voice blog including several of Kumi Tanioka.


You can see the rest of the rehearsal pictures here.

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