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I lessthanthree Combini

I lessthanthree Combini

January 28th, 2009     

Japanese convenience stores (affectionately referred to as combini) are amazing.

In fact, without convenience stores, I think a lot of single men in Japan would starve. Or end up eating cheap ramen and beef bowls for every meal. They sell drinks, food, magazines, concert tickets, event tickets like when I went to Tokyo Game Show, cakes, presents, movies, video games…. you name it, you can probably buy it somehow through the convenience store. You can even mail packages.

They are so great, people cannot help but sing about them.
(Super Smash Bros. version…. heehee)
Or use them to tell cute stories.

One of the things I often use the combini for is paying for stuff, like my electric bill. Or…. online shopping!

Order some stuff from Amazon….
(FFXI Manga, Vana’diel Tsuushin #5 Mook, and this month’s Connect!On magazine)

…and pay at the combini! No credit card needed.

In fact, if you use Lawson’s convenience store, you can have your Amazon packages sent there and pick them up.

You can also purchase things like….. points for Wii Shopping!
Bought 1000 points, got home, saw the game I want is 1500. orz

After the combini, I went to the game store and got a Wii Speak. I didn’t think I would need one but if I play Animal Crossing with my family, we end up using the phone anyways. Also got….

I thought Echos of Time came out today but… it’s tomorrow. -_-;; I even saw them sitting on the counter behind the register. /sigh I had to settle with getting this, a reservation ticket, but on the up side, it also functions as a coupon for 200 yen off the game. I’m not sure why I feel I need this game, outside of the fact that I saw it back at TGS and it looks like it has kitty Mithra people in it. I mean, I haven’t even played the other Chocobo DS game I bought before Christmas yet (at least that one I got cause Chocobo are cute and it has FFXI tracks in it).

Back to being poor…. why does pay day have to be so far away?

No Responses to “I lessthanthree Combini”

No Responses to “I lessthanthree Combini”

  1. Lawson’s! Huzzah! I had the pleasure of visiting Japan a few years ago (just prior to starting my first semester at university) and found myself (and traveling companions) eating out of Lawson’s for breakfast or quick lunches more often than I’d like to admit. I do wish the convenience stores in the US were as versatile.

  2. :o I heard they did FFCC right this time and now has online play. :3

    I wonder if the NA and JP versions will be compatible…

  3. in the back of the book it says you can choose three modes for online play. from your friends list, people within your country, and people all over the world

    so… im guessing they must be able to work together ^^

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