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CESA Says You All Need To Blog More

CESA Says You All Need To Blog More

November 21st, 2008     

People have more than once pointed out the irony in having to agree to not let the game interfere with your work, school, friends, family, etc before logging in to go battle an HNM or complete a mission that takes 3 or more hours in one setting to complete. Setting that aside though, what can be done to help people use their time efficiently if they play online games?

I started thinking about this topic after joining with Elmer to work on JPButton. When you are excited about a new project, other things tend to get neglected. I’d get home at around 5, spend a couple hours catching up on the web and working on translation projects, and then log in to FFXI and play until around 12 or 1am. Doing both the site and the game are important to me but when laundry and dishes start to pile up, there’s a problem. So I was wondering about ways to more effectively use my time and feel like 1) I accomplished something and 2) I got some time to relax while getting everything else done too.

When I went to Tokyo Game Show, I picked up a little booklet published by CESA called Short Nifty Stories about Video Games #5 (Terebigemu no Chotto Ii Ohanashi 5). It’s a reprint of some of the articles in 2008CESA Games White Paper. Topics include how video games can be used for educational purposes, a local TV station’s video game news program, and the 30th anniversary of Space Invaders. It also included two comics in the back. One of them was about online gaming. You can see a copy of it for free online on their website ( A translation is included below.

One of the things it mentioned was creating a notebook. Each day you write down how you’ll use your time and set a goal for tomorrow. This sounded like a good idea to me because I already do a similiar thing at work to keep all my classes and activities in order. But rather than a notebook, I made a blog. I had read a few blogs for FFXI before, like the host blogs for Pet Food Alpha and various Japanese blogs, and it seemed like a good way to keep track of my progress in game. Plus, it’d also provide a place to put all my other ramblings relating to FFXI. I talked to Elmer about having blog envy and he set up a separate WP account for me. (Thanks again!)

It’s worked well for me so far. Rather than just squishing things in before events, I use that time for other stuff. Even if I don’t level quickly, I still feel like I’ve made progress if I can check off one of my goals.

So! If you are feeling restless and tired in game, why not start keeping a notebook or blog and try setting goals?

[Let's Play Smart and Decide How Long To Play Ahead of Time!]

Keep in mind this comic is aimed at a Japanese audience and probably more for younger players as well.

[1] Lvl 12 Tarou Just a little bit more and we’ll beat him!

[2] Ahhhhhhhhh!

[3] Awww… I always get killed by this mob. I wonder if there is a better way to beat it.

[4] Alright! Let’s try one more time!
Ah! You’re still playing that online game!

[5] Just how long do you plan on playing that game! Have you finished your homework yet?
Ahhhhhh, I’m sorry!

[6] Oh no! It’s already this late? I have to finish this asap.

[7] But man… just a little bit more and we could have beat him. I wish I could play a lot longer…

[8] THE NEXT DAY Awww, last night I couldn’t beat that midlevel boss and then I couldn’t concentrate on my homework. Talk about bad luck.

[9] Tarou! Good morning!
Oh, Hanako! Good morning!

[10] Are you heading off to school? If you don’t mind, let’s walk together part way.

[11] Hey, what kind of games are you playing lately?

[12] Lately, I’ve been playing an online game called “Dragon Online”! Have you heard of it?

[13] What a coincidence! I just started playing. How long have you been playing?

[14] Hmmmm, about half a year I guess.

[15] Wow! Hey, why don’t you come over to my house afterschool today and teach me a few things?

[16] My school’s this way so see you later!
See ya!

[17] Maybe today’s my lucky day.
(What do you think?)
(Tarou, you’re amazing!)

[18] Hello.

[19] Hi, come on in! (*Tarou’s reply “I’m interrupting.” is a standard greeting when you visit someone’s home)

[20] Sorry, I’m still a little busy. Do you mind just reading the strategy guide for awhile?

[21] Wow, she sure has a lot of nice equipment..

[22] Huh? What’s this?

[23] A handmade strategy book huh? Hanako’s really trying hard huh.

[24] Sorry to make you wait!
Ah, no problem. Let’s hurry up and log in.

[25] OK! I’ll just turn on my PC and start up the game…

[26] Huh? Where’s this? Where are you playing right now Hanako?
Lvl35 Hana
Where? It’s the royal family’s palace! I think I’m about level 35.

[27] What?! But I’m still only level 12!

[28] I can’t get past the midlevel boss in the West Cave.
Oh my. That means I’m farther than you and there’s nothing you can teach me, huh.

[29] How did you get so far in such a short amount of time?

[30] Maybe you’re using some kind of cheat to get ahead. If that’s the case, share them with me!
I’m not doing anything like that!

[31] After all, the staff of Dragon Online checks to see if people are using tools and if they are, they can’t play anymore!
(*Detected illegal play! *heeheehee *Disconnect! *Awwwwwww)

[32] I don’t break the rules just because I’m told not to. If you were to play a game with your friends normally, you’d play by the rules right?

[33] If you break the rules, then everyone has a bad time and your friends won’t want to play with you anymore.
What? I’d hate that!
(*You take the old maid! *We’re not gonna play with you anymore!)

[34] That’s another reason why it’s important not to break the rules of the game.

[35] You can have a lot of fun without breaking the rules and it makes you a better player too.
But in Dragon Online, you can’t level up without earning a ton of experience points. Doesn’t that put people who don’t spend a lot of time playing at a disadvantage?

[36] Not at all! You’ve been playing for half a year but you’re a lower level than me right? And I only play 2 hours a day at the most!
When you put it that way…. I’ve been stuck repeating the same place over and over.

[37] I think the trick to getting farther in online games, not just Dragon Online, is in using your time well.

[38] For example, this is my regular schedule.

[39] Once you take out going to school and sleeping, I’ve got free time from 4 to 10pm. As soon as I get home, I do my homework. I finish that around 5pm. Actually, while you were waiting earlier, I was finishing my homework. Between 5 and dinner time, there’s about an hour but I have a lot of stuff I need to do then. I can’t skip out on helping around the house, right?

[40] Look at my notebook. I have my schedule written down for each day.
You’re right! Doing homework as soon as you get home…. that’s impressive.

[41] I’m the type that gets addicted to things but if you get too into the game and play a long time, your eyes get tired don’t they? Plus, if you try to do your homework afterwards, don’t you find that you can’t concentrate and you just end up thinking about the game?
Yeah! That describes me last night!
(Hmmmm… That route….)

[42] That’s why you should play after finishing your homework and doing all the other things you need to do. You should also decide what your goal is and how long you will play to get even better results!
(Done! Now to play)

[43] If you summerized the smart way to play online games, it’d look like this.
I’ll try that next time!
(How to play online games smartly)
(1: Finish your homework and other things before playing the game.)
(2: Before logging in, write down your goal for the day. For example, today what I want to do will take about an hour so I have to quit playing before XX o’clock. Make rules for yourself. Be careful not to spend lots of time chatting the night away.)
(3: If your eyes feel tired or you start to feel sick, don’t push it and stop playing.)
(4: Don’t do things that are against the game maker’s rules.)

I’m home~

[45] Alright, time to study. I’ll finish reviewing what we learned today and….
Finished!! (homework)

[46] I’ll try using the hints Hanako gave me. It should take about an hour and a half…

[47] Alright, here we go!

[48] We did it!
We finally beat him!

[49] Gonta: Let’s keep it up!
Lvl14 Gonta
Okay, for the next quest we….

[50] Oh no. I gotta stop for the day.

[51] Tarou: Sorry, it’s almost time up for me so I’ve got to stop for today.
Gonta: Ah, I see. See ya later then!
Lvl14 Gonta
Lvl17 Tarou

[52] Tomorrow let’s go to West Meadows.

[53] Oh, today he’s cleaning up early without being reminded.

[54] Now that that’s done, maybe I should help out and clean the bathtub!
It seems like he’s finally taking some responsibility for himself. Good for him!


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