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Protected: Idolmaster Girls

Protected: Idolmaster Girls

October 5th, 2011     

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Anxiously awaiting…

Anxiously awaiting…

August 24th, 2011     

Let the season of gaming begin!

First up, Deus Ex: Human Revolution.  I haven’t played any of the previous games in the title but was greatly intrigued by the presentation at last year’s PAX.  There were a few things that stood out for me.  1) Mary DeMarle is the lead writer.  My preconception about the game was that it was your standard shooter/adventure where your main focus would be to blow stuff up.  That idea and female writer seemed a bit of a mismatch to me.  She was really interesting as she talked about the game and as a gal myself, I just like seeing women doing great things in the world of games and entertainment.  2) Non-violent play.  I’m not particularly good at games that require you to have good aim while shooting things.   Just ask Fusion.   So even though DX:HR does involve shooting things, you also have the option of not shooting things.  On stage Mary said it is possible to play the entire game non-violently and I’m anxious to see how that works out.  3) It looks cool.   4)  I can play it on my PS3.  (Long Live Console Gaming!)  My copy is currently waiting to be shipped by Amazon…

In late October, we get the first PS3 version of THE iDOLM@STER 2.  I cannot begin to explain how excited I am for this port.  THE iDOLM@STER main series has been an Xbox exclusive and was pretty much the only thing tempting me to buy an Xbox in Japan.  I’m glad I waited.  Back when it was just an arcade game, I tried to find an arcade near me that had the game.  No such luck.  The closest one was a fairly distant (and pricey) bus ride away.  Then it came to console but on Xbox.  While I don’t know the exact numbers, the game was responsible for selling a lot of systems not to mention a lot of Microsoft Points.  Spinoff titles appeared for the PSP but not having one of those either, I had to settle for the DS title Dearly Stars.  It’s like IM@S lite with a twist.  I had fun, it was cute, but it didn’t give me the whole experience.  Jump ahead to Tokyo Game Show 2010 where they give a special presentation for the upcoming THE iDOLMA@STER 2 and they announce there will be guys too.  None of them are cute but that doesn’t really matter.  Sadly, the game is also an Xbox exclusive so I give up my dreams of ever getting to play the real thing.

Until now.  I was happily getting my IM@S fix from the new anime series when they also announce the second game will be ported to the PS3.  I’ve already put aside money for it, I just need to find a good place to import from.  Suggestions welcome!

Just a few days after IM@S2 is Uncharted 3.  Uncharted 2 was excellent.  Multiplayer was fun, even for somebody horrible like me.   Easy mode on the main game was perfect for me.  I’m quite sure I will enjoy Uncharted 3 just as much as I did the 2nd one.

Maybe it’s a good thing FFXIV isn’t on PS3 yet…

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FFXIV and me….

FFXIV and me….

August 13th, 2011     

It’s been a rough year for FFXIV. There were a lot of issues that came up during beta testing that didn’t change after official service began and, honestly, it tanked. Ever since, the game has been in recovery and rebuilding mode while remaining free to play.

I think it’s on the right track though. The new team has implemented a lot of changes, like official forums and auto-battle, which the community had been asking for. It has even lead to things like this:

There’s also a lot of cool stuff in the works like personal chocobos and specialty job classes.  If you tried it out at launch and gave up on it, you might consider checking out how it’s improved.  Of course, there is still a lot of work left to be done before it’ll go P2P.

So why am I not actively playing right now?  Well…. I had high hopes that my laptop would be sufficient to play the game.  Unfortunately, it lags a lot even when I reduce the settings and drives the fan into high gear making me worry at what point my laptop was going to die.  The hard drive also started making funny noises.  Since I use my laptop to work from home, I can’t really take chances with it.

Buying a new PC is out of the question right now so I’m waiting until the PS3 version comes out.  I prefer to play games on a console anyways.  Shouldn’t surprise anyone since I prefer playing FFXI on my PS2s versus PC as well.  I originally bought my PS3 in anticipation of FFXIV too!

I did pick up the latest Eorzea-Tsushin from Kinokuniya.   It’s full of pretty pictures and useful info on gathering (like fishing, mining, etc).  Has a few comics from people who do comics for the FFXI version too.  There is also a lengthy interview with 3 people from the development team.  Just search the official forums or even the Gamer Escape forums if you are curious about it.  I’m happy to hear about the chocobos, naturally.  The lack of info on the PS3 version is maddening though.  How many times can you really say “it’s coming along… we don’t wanna disappoint people…” and feel like that’s going to make us PS3 people feel better about the situation?

So, tl;dr version, I’m still interested in FFXIV and want to play it.  I’m just waiting until PS3 version comes out or I win the lottery.

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Browser Games…

Browser Games…

July 26th, 2011     

What comes to mind when you hear the term “browser games”?

There are certainly popular ones out there that lots of people play like those on Facebook. I love Words With Friends. But today, I’m not talking about those kinds of browser games. I’m talking about the other kind…. the ones often associated with the terms FTP.

Free To Play.

It’s true that there are many that are indeed free to play. It’s just that if you want to play with fewer shackles on your arms and legs, you have to pay up. As such, there are people who end up paying a lot more for extras on their “FTP” game than they would if they paid a standard monthly fee. In that sense, I don’t really have a positive image of FTPs.

However (she said with a sigh), I don’t really have any other games I’m playing right now. I finished the vast majority of Ninokuni (which was awesome!) and Chronotrigger (a fun blast to the past). I haven’t touched FFXI in so long I canceled my content ids. My computer can’t really handle FFXIV well so that’s off-limits until I either 1) win a nice computer or 2) get a PS3 copy from the future. I still feel the need to play something though. So, I decided to try out a Japanese FTP for women that I saw an ad for. It actually just started service this month. Once I get a little farther, I’ll have to give it a nice and proper review.

As for this site, I’m still trying to get the theme set up. The colors need adjusting and after I do that, I can ask about getting an image done up for the site. I’m also working on plans for a second wp site to separate that stuff from this blog since the audiences don’t really overlap much. I love sewing and now that I’m back in the states with a sewing machine, I want to show off some of the stuff I make. It’s a really small niche but at the same time, I know there are people interested in the topic and their needs aren’t being met anywhere else. More on that another site though.

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New home!

New home!

September 19th, 2009     

I’ve been wanting to do this for awhile now but I keep putting it off so….. I’m just gonna do it!

Welcome to Bilingual Gamer, my new personal blog. Bilingual in Vana’diel was going to become too specific and so I began thinking about what I wanted to do about that. It seemed like the best option was to build something new.

So! What can you expect to find here? Pretty much the same sorta stuff that was at Bilingual in Vana’diel. My FFXI updates, new stuff for FFXIV when it comes out, but also other random posts from games I play. I’ve also added a cooking section and will start adding Vana’cooking recipes. So far I’ve made a few things and it’s been a lot of fun to explore.

Bilingual Gamer is just in the beta stages at the moment. Some of the images and layout features still need tweaking. If you find an error somewhere, please let me know. I built the layout by hand but I’m not a WordPress pro so chances are there are some mistakes here and there.

Why now? Next week I’ll be going on a little adventure to Tokyo in time for Tokyo Game Show. I will be needing a place to post some pictures so it seemed like the best time to roll out the site even if it’s not complete.

Once again, welcome to my new home! If you bookmarked or linked to Bilingual in Vana’diel, thank you very much and please update your links to my new site.

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Personal Update – Been Awhile…

Personal Update – Been Awhile…

July 26th, 2009     

It’s been awhile hasn’t it? I don’t even have any new cute chocobo pics to share though I’ve been meaning to take some.

One of my assault LS mates found my blog. HI!!!! :)

DNC 59

Got up to 59 and am about 500 away from 60. I’ve been so lazy about leveling lately. Like, I search for party but my heart’s not really into it so as soon as an LS mate or a friend asks for help, I’m off doing something else. Like tonight…. oh well


Back on the 14th or so we did our first attempt at Kirin. Didn’t kill him the first time but we did the second time~~~~! Hard fight, did it with about 16 people, but it was a lot of fun. So… yeah…. I’m now done with what I wanted to do in sky. Of course I’m still going to do sky for awhile. Maybe eventually I can get some nifty gear but its not really high on my list of needs.

I am now a first lieutenant! But…. I still like half of the assaults left to do. fooey

The two new people are almost completely caught up to where our LS was before they joined. *^^* One got there tonight and the other only has one or two more assaults. *happy happy Today we did two more. I really love assault. ^^


I finished Kupo! It was great kupo! More on that another time kupo!

Website design is nearly finished. Just need the custom pics and ver 1.0 will be ready to roll. It is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo satisfying to have built the theme by hand and have it all come together. Looks ok in IE. Looks awesome in firefox. probably looks ok in something safari based too. I need to buy the domain name now. Only problem…. I keep getting cold feet before I do it. /sigh but yeah…. very very close to opening up the new domain.

speaking of which, it wont be limited to ffxi. it’ll be ffxi, ffxiv, other games i like here, life in japan, etc. not random daily life stuff completely off topic but broader than BiV. However, if you are only interested in one subset of posts, like FFXI, it will be easy to filter it for that :)

very sleepy but since i havent been very visible on any site lately, just thought i’d say hi, im not dead. just busy ; ;


No trademark = no name? (FFXIV)

No trademark = no name? (FFXIV)

July 11th, 2009     

So we know about Eorzea and thanks to the Japanese interviews we know this is the name of a region and not the entire world. The entire world is known as ハイデリン (ha-i-de-ri-n) in Japanese but we haven’t seen an official English name released yet.

There may not be one registered yet with the US or JP trademark offices.

Eorzea was only registered a few days before E3 in both offices. Vana’diel, the names of the add-on scenarios, etc, are registered. However, nothing for SE pops up as being even close to released Japanese name. It could be they haven’t registered the name yet and that’s why it hasn’t been released. Or they are just waiting. lol

But I thought it was interesting that nothing has been registered yet.

(p.s. I don’t normally search the trademark databases but…. getting closer to buying my website domain so I was doing some checking there and realized I could check for the ffxiv stuff while I was at it.)

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I like gardening too…

I like gardening too…

July 9th, 2009     

If you follow any of the major forum communities out there or even TTTO, you’ve probably heard of the latest round of bannings to hit the community. It involves people who garden.

If you haven’t seen the threads, here are a few of them:

“Square Enix, This is for you and FFXIV” on BG
“Unwarranted Bannings” on FFXIclopedia
“Banned for RMT?” on Alla

This hits close to home for me. No, I’m not banned. But I do garden. It’s my main source of steady income since I hate farming and don’t have a front line job high enough to really earn gil effectively that way. Also, I use some of the stuff to feed my chocobos. (Money grubbing chocobo who can’t even win a single race…grrr….)

RMT have been using gardening to make money for awhile and there are different bugs or tricks people think they have been using to earn gil. However, normally gardening by itself isn’t against the rules. NPC’ing the things you grow isn’t against the rules. Having lots of mules to garden isn’t against the rules either.

It’s been a few days since the first threads on this popped up but there still isn’t an official response from SE. Even if they don’t know exactly what the cause of the problem is or how widespread it is, something on the official site saying “We are looking into it” would go a long way. If they post on the forums, I’d like to see them post on the forums for all the premier sites, not just one of them.

Chances are some of the people who have been banned for doing absolutely nothing wrong will not try FFXIV because they don’t want anything more to do with SE’s customer service. SE can’t really afford to keep alienating their FFXI player base with things like this or the credit card charge back/double billing issues. This will also likely hit the MMORPG and Gaming media sites. I hope they pick up the story because that seems to be the only time we see real and quick results. It’s really sad it has to be that way.

My heart goes out to those who were banned unfairly from this and I hope to see you in Vana’diel again, but, honestly, if you quit after this, I don’t blame you either. I think if I was banned, I would really think twice about FFXIV too.

I tried searching for threads in Japanese about the topic but didn’t see anything. :/

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Personal Update: Bye Bye Dynamis

Personal Update: Bye Bye Dynamis

July 7th, 2009     

I had a lot of fun camping. :)


DNC 58
Romi 51

Getting closer and closer to 75. Actually only about 1k from 59. I’ve been doing a combination of FoV and normal parties so my dagger skill doesn’t suffer too much. When doing FoV, I also use my fellow NPC so now Romi is up to level 51! It’s a good level because when I do FoV, the enemies are on the weaker side for me but giving decent exp to Romi. I also finally got some pants for DRG!



Monday night is Dynamis night. I put on my pearl and the lsmsg told us to change to whatever level 1 job we had and meet up in Dangruf Wadi. So we did. Our fearless leader, who we all call Otosan, told us he was quitting the game and with that, the LS would be breaking up too. As our last LS event, we played a game of hide and seek in Dangruf Wadi. It was a lot of fun!! You could win even if you died as long as you weren’t found. Unfortunately…. I was the 4th person to be found. awwwww but the winners each got half a mil each! We all met up in the Chocobo Circuit afterwards and set off fireworks and had a final LS closing ceremony where the leader cashed out our LS points. I’m sad to see the LS break apart. I can’t remember exactly when I joined but it was probably around 9 or 10 months ago. I met lots of new people and made new friends and earned some gil and got some nifty gear. I still don’t have much of the SCH relic but I do have almost all of the DNC stuff.

So… my Mondays are now free for awhile. My Sky LS also meets Mondays so maybe I’ll do that on Mondays sometime but… free time is good too. I think I’m ready for more time to dedicate to other things like website stuff or leveling DNC or DRG.

To all my LS mates, thank you!! We could barely clear things when we first started out but we worked as a team and overcame a lot of stuff. ^^ Just like our LS name, we were like a little family.


My first Suzaku! I took some awesome pictures but they are on the Japanese PS2 and I can’t remember my email password to send them to my computer. ; ; I’ll have to call my brother and get him to find it for me. In a couple weeks we are going to try to do Kirin for the first time. Really, that’s all I want out of sky. Just to beat the 4 gods and beat up Kirin. Also wanna finish the missions but… that’s not part of the sky LS.

Prof. Chanoix
Troll Fugitives
Saving Private Ryaaf

This was my first week running the LS. AHHHHHHH!!!! I realized there is a lot of leading that Gaf does inside the assault too. Thankfully I used my little book as a guide, not to mention we’ve done all of these quite a few times before. I still hate that old man. Stupid professor. >.<

DNC 60

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Personal Update: DNC AF Complete!

Personal Update: DNC AF Complete!

June 26th, 2009     

No cute chocobo pictures today. Maybe I’ll take one of them camping with me this weekend.
Also cursing the bookstores. Why can’t they release the magazines here on the same day as the stores closer to Tokyo? ; ;

DNC 56

Got DNC to 56!! Had a good strong bird party in the past. We just walked around killing whatever we came across. I realized that DNC is slowly catching up to DRG. I haven’t touched DRG in so long because I can’t get new pants! I don’t need the new pants but…. using the same things for like… 40 levels is kind of boring.

canceled this week


My first turtle!! I always pictured the sky gods as being so much bigger. I was expecting a huge turtle but he was about half the size I thought he’d be.

1 point

Sky is really helping me get random merit points. :)

3 low level assaults

Slowly working up the ranks with our new people. Starting next week I’ll be leading the LS for a few months. ; ; I will miss our leader!! He’s always been great to me, trying to put things in English too, giving me info and opinions on random things I ask about for JPB or my blog. He’ll be back in a couple of months though! Until then, I’ll do my best.

Fellow NPC!

I finally went and picked up my Fafnir statue. Two of my LS mates also helped me get the Yagudo Glue I needed for my DNC AF so I went around today and got all the pieces. One of the reasons I leveled DNC was for the AF. And now I have them all! *happyhappy


The hearts and bow in the back are so cute. *happyhappy

Since I have all the AF, I got a new mannequin to put the other stuff on.


I wish there were wigs for mannequins.
He’s wearing all the gear I have for the relic DNC gear. I just need the body and feet. I thought I already had the feet but I don’t see them in my inventory anywhere. ; ;

And last but not least, my personal slave fellow NPC Romidant is now level 50. I gotta look into the next quest we can do together.

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